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NOTICE: We are currently investigating reported problems with the mobile version of this site.
Please use a Laptop or desktop device for now until we can finish fixing the errors.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause as we work to fix the problem.

We are rolling out a new support ticket system to handle customer request however it is still in the testing phase while we ensure the privacy of all data. You can still view any tickets we have posted. All new releases will have there change notes and downloadable archives available once fully implemented.

Crestron Modules

Crestron Module Support
We offer support on all of our purchased SIMPL Windows modules here.
We will post all of the solutions that are found, with solutions, by us and other users.

Each module we sell has its own area so make sure you are looking at the correct module for help.
Each module also has its own detailed Documentation Area that contains details on all signals and downloadable file archives


Device Controllers

Issues, updates and solutions for common misconfiguration or connection problems with end user client devices.

View documentation area for all of our Crestron Device Controller Modules here

Tools and Utilities

Issues, updates and solutions for common misconfiguration or connection problems with any of the SIMPL Windows tools and utilities we sell

Modified 3rd Party Modules

Free 3rd party community control modules that we have modified (fixed) to remove any annoying compile errors and other general strangeness with popular free and publicly available modules. All data posted for these free modules if for informational purposes only as we do not provide support on 3rd party software. We offer these modified versions for free as a courtesy to other integrators.

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