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Main Documentation Area

Our documentation is broken down by category and are all listed here. All catalog items also have their documentation and support pages listed and linked on there product page.
Complete Solutions, Device Controllers, Tools, Utilities, and VT Pro Projects for Crestron 3 and 4 series processors.
All device modules are specific to devices and may have additional firmware and/or hardware requirements.
We have a variety of modules available for the Crestron SIMPL windows environment, all fully documented. make sure to read the documents pinned here for important information on downloading and registering your new modules. If you cant find what you need you may want to take a look at our support section for the most up to date information on fixes and new releases.

Read detailed documentation and access downloadable file archives for any of the Control4 Drivers, tools and utilities that HADA Systems offers

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  What is H.A.D.A.?
(H)ome (A)utomation & (D)istributed (A)udioVisual

H.A.D.A. is a custom written Smart Home OS for the Crestron 3 and 4 series processors that utilizes the advanced automation capabilities, device connectivity and media controls available in Crestron control processors and combines them into a simple to use interface that can be ran on your mobile device, tablet, mounted touch screens, computer, laptop and even basic reliable hard button remotes. H.A.D.A. offers full home automation and property control from a simple to use and documented interface.

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