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Brand: HADA Systems
Product Code: hs-aac-c
Processor Type: Crestron 3 and 4 series
Version Number: 1.x
Accurate Astronomical Clock Demo
Registration Type : Free
Trial Details : Free
All of our modules have a 1 hour free trial period.
We strongly recommend that your download and test the module to ensure functionality in your application prior to purchase.

Price: Free

Inconsistent astronomical scheduler times in your Crestron program? This Free module offers accurate Sunrise and Sunset times for the Crestron scheduler.

Get your Crestron scheduler working as it should with this simple and free module for Crestron 3 and 4 series processors.
We made this module after much frustration with inconstant times on the scheduler functions, specifically when trying to schedule a time that is based on the sunrise/sunset time.

We have also included the PHP scripts that power this module so that you may host it yourself for your customers if so desired.
We do however offer our server to use for free, simply use the default value of crestron.hadasystems.com in the server location parameter. 

Accurate Astronomical Clock for Crestron

Download Version: 1.x
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This Free module will connect to our website and pull a single PHP page that will use the clients public IP address to get the GEO location of the client and return accurate sunrise and sunset times that are useable by the crestron scheduler module. We made this module due to issues we ran into with the standard Crestron astronomical clock module causing inconsistent scheduler times no mater how we set the many configuration options it has. Quick note, if you are needing the ability to use nautical time and offsets then this module is not for you, however if you just need to get the sunrise and sunset times so that the scheduling works within expectations of the vast majority of customers, then this is the module you need. The Accurate Astronomical Clock for Crestron also adds the addition simple yet surprisingly useful InDaytime and InNighttime signals. We have used these over and over for simple day/night based logic like controlling lighting scenes or nightlights and opening or closing shades to further customize systems to meet customer requests.

We have also included the PHP page that serves the time and a hosting.txt file on details for use, just incase you want to host it yourself for your customers however our server is free to use. You can see what it returns yourself by clicking here: https://crestron.hadasystems.com/astroClock.php
We do not store or track data of any kind on this page.

This module is completely free to use in any of your SIMPL windows programs. Just drop in a standard clock symbol and link the $tod signals and done. You can now link the time outputs directly to the crestron scheduler. Now all times based on sunrise and sunset times, such as setting the scheduler to turn on the porch and driveway lights 20 min before sunset, will actually work year round. The Accurate Astronomical Clock for Crestron will then update the sunrise and sunset times at every boot and again every morning at 12:01am. We use this module in all of our own projects and have verified it's accuracy with many happy customers. Note: Dont forget to set the proper time zone within the processor itself so that the $tod clock signal is the correct time.

Module Signals List

NameTypeDescription and Usage
tod$ STRING Time Of Day, Connect to standard clock driver symbol.
Morning_h ANALOG raw number value for sunrise hour in 24 hour time
Morning_m ANALOG raw number vaue for sunrise minute
Night_h ANALOG raw munber value for sunset houe in 24 hour time
Night_m ANALOG raw number vaue for sunset minute
InDaytime DIGITAL Goes HIGH while in daytime (current hour/minute > morning_h/morning_min & current hour/minute < night_h/night_m) 
InNighttime DIGITAL Goes HIGH while in nighttime (current hour/minute < morning_h/morning_min & current hour/minute > night_h/night_m)
Current-hour ANALOG raw number value for current hour in 24 hour time
Current-minute ANALOG raw number value for current minute
ServerAddress STRING web site address of actroClock.php file that servers the time (Default: crestron.hadasystems.com)
You are free to use our server or host your own, the php file and setup directions are included in the archive.
*Please Note: do not add the http:// to the server address, enter just the name like shown in the default value, this will be fixed in the next release.
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