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Tools and Utilities

 We have tools and utilities that add and fix features in the Crestron environment. Data storage, accurate clocks, and IPID free communication modules, just to name a few. As always all of our modules are used by us in our own client installations so all have been extensively tested and are in daily use.

All of our modules will work for at least 1 hour per processor reboot for free* in order for you to download and test in your own environment prior to any needed purchase. Many devices have slight differences that may effect there operation. It is your responsibility to test in order to ensure compatibility.

*(See our Module Licensing Policy for full details)

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Accurate Astronomical Clock for Crestron

Inconsistent astronomical scheduler times in your Crestron program? This Free module offers accurate Sunrise and Sunset times for the Crestron scheduler.

Auto Que TCP Client with Wake-On-Lan for Crestron

This module will work like a standard Crestron TCP Client with added the functionality of auto que'ing and Wake-On-Lan function, no IPID required and configurable at runtime!

Looping Analog Counter for Crestron

This module allows you to move through an enumerated list within a set upper and lower limits.

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