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We have compiled a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions from our users. This list is continually growing so be sure to take a look here first if there is ever an issue. We also have our support area available to all users where you can find more information or ask for help from the community. And as always you can Contact Us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possable.

    •   Do you offer trial versions of your Crestron Modules?
    • Response:


      All of our modules are free to download and have at least a 1 hour trial period per boot where the module will operate without restrictions. After the 1 hour limit the module will stop functioning, if you are still testing simply re-boot the processor and you will gain another 1 hour for testing. Once you have verified that the module will suit your needs then purchase a license from our catalog to remove the trial timer.

    •   What is HADA
    • Response:

      HADA is a full featured integrated, reusable Smart Home OS.
      HADA combines intelligent home automation, modern distributed audio, advanced audio visual, event scheduling, household lighting, shades, voice control, and much much more into a simple to deploy and configure solution for Crestron 3* and 4* Series processors

    •   Does HADA support multiple processors?
    • Response:


      We designed HADA from the ground up to support multiple processors.

    •   Can I modify the default user interface?
    • Response:


      Our user interface file are completely unlocked and documented so you can not only modify our interface but you could even create your own.

    •   What kind of device module restrictions are there?
    • Response:


      Our system is setup in a way that allows for the use of ANY SIMPL windows module to control your devices.

    •   How many rooms/zones can it handle?
    • Response:

      We designed the system to handel up to 28 rooms/zones in our pro 3 and 4 series versions.
      See the HADA details page for a full processor capability list.

    •   Is there a way for me to try it out prior to making a purchase?
    • Response:


      Our demo version will allow you to setup and use HADA for 8 hours to allow for complete setup, testing and general development of driver packages by integrators.

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