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Play the homes doorbell over the distributed audio system in selectable rooms with the DA Doorbell Manager!
Add Amazon Fire TV control over TCP/IP to any Crestron system with ease.Gain Power, Sleep and Media controls in your Fire TV from your Crestron SIMPL Windows program.
This Free module will connect to our website and pull a single PHP page that will use the clients public IP address to get the GEO location of the client and return accurate sunrise and sunset times that are useable by the crestron scheduler module. We made this module due to issues we ran into with the standard Crestron astronomical clock module causing inconsistent scheduler times no mater how we set the many configuration options it has.
Add NVidia Shield control over TCP/IP to any Crestron system with ease.Access Power, Sleep and all media controls needed right from your Crestron SIMPL windows program.
The HADA Home Page allows you quick access to all of the advance Smart Home features offered by the HADA Smart Home OS. This guide will help get you started. *we recommend at least one (1) Crestron TSR-760 or better touch screen be installed in all systems, however it is not required. This guide will concentrate on the touch screen interface and matches both the Mounted Screen and Mobile versions of the program.The TSR-310 has a slightly differant interface and its own documentation section.
This module allows you to move through an enumerated list within a set upper and lower limits.
This module will work like a standard Crestron TCP Client with added the functionality of auto queuing and Wake-On-Lan function, no IPID required and configurable at runtime!
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We have an extensive collection of documentation and file archives for all of the modules we sell available in our Documentation Area.

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HADA Systems

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For more than 10 years HADA Systems has been the place to go for high end home theater, home automation, distributed audio and systems integration.

Offering fully customized solutions for:

  • Home Automation
  • Audio Visual and custom home theaters
  • Indoor/Outdoor concealed Distributed Audio
  • Pool/Spa controls
  • Security access, locks and gates
  • Environmental HVAC integration
  • Automated lighting and shades
  • and so much more...

And, since we at DB Designs have our own in house installers, technicians and programmers, we can provide a complete integration solution with end to end support.

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